Sunday School

Each Sunday we will give your children something their other activities can't - a direct experience of God through prayer and the Bible.

We focus on prayer and the Bible in our classes. All the students will have Bible based curriculum specifically designed for their age group. They will also receive a Bible of their own from the church. This, combined with the chance to pray together as a community should give them a firm foundation for the future.

We thank the parents for trusting us with their children, and we will do our utmost to protect and nurture them throughout the coming year.

Sunday School - Nursery

The Nursery aged students (newborns - Pre-Kindergarten) in the Day School PreK classroom under the direction of our Nursery Director Katherine Arthurs.

The students will have lots of fun in the Nursery, with story time, indoor and outdoor play, art, activities and snack time. All children are welcome, and the Nursery teachers will work with any particular needs you might have.

Sunday School - The Followers K-3rd Graders

The K-3 Class meets every Sunday at 10 AM. Each student is welcomed into the room, and once everyone is settled, the story-teller will tell a Bible story using Godly Play materials. The class is Bible based, and teaches the children to incorporate the lessons into their everyday lives. Classes involve Bible stories, hands on activities, crafts, Bible challenges, and life application activities.

Students join the parents in church at 11 AM in time for communion.

Sunday School - FaithQuesters 4th-5th Graders

This group meets in the library most Sundays at 10 am. The class uses a bible based, age-appropriate curriculum which encourages discussion and enquiry, preparing students to be active and thoughtful members of the parish community. The group combines individual and group community service and participates in off-campus activities.

Youth Group - Rite 13

So much is changing for sixth, 7th, and 8th graders. The way we think about life and relationships--with friends, parents, community, and God--is undergoing a major shift. Our bodies are changing, too. All these changes are gifts from God; they are how God created us to mature into men and women. In Rite 13, we walk together to navigate these changes as we take a fresh look at our relationships. We celebrate these gifts from God at a special Sunday service near each young person's 13th birthday. Rite 13 meets each Sunday from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. at St. Paul's.