Blessing for our Pilgrims

On Sunday, October 5, we gathered as a community to bless our pilgrims as they depart for the Holy Land.  With hands extended upon our pilgrims the following blessing was offered.

Blessing for Holy Land Pilgrims

Gracious God, we ask you blessing upon these pilgrims.  Grant them safe travel to the Holy Land.  Bless their feet as they explore an ancient land.  Bless their hearts—that they may be open to your Holy Spirt and generous in their encounters with all that they meet on their journey.  Open their minds to discovery and learning, and grant them opportunities to share insights gleaned from their travel.

This day we pray for peace and reconciliation among all the peoples in the land that was home to Jesus and his disciples.  May no danger befall this group—and grant their safe return to friends, and family.  We ask this all in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Stay tuned for updated journal entries about their time in this historic and sacred place.