Day 7: David’s Tomb, Western Wall, Temple Plaza

We visited the Temple Mount Plaza to see the Dome of the Rock, the mosque that was built where the first and second Jewish temples originally stood.  Currently (since Sept 2000) visitors are able to walk the plaza but are prohibited from entering the mosque as we are not Muslim.  We captured more cats of Israel at this holy site.

Dome of the rock Cats on the Temple Plaza

We visited the Western Wall very early Sunday morning.   Men and women enter separate entrances and are separated by a divider.  We were able to observe the men and women praying, facing the wall, many touching the wall as they prayed. We got to see a bar mitzvah in process.  You can see it on the men’s side right by the divider, nearest the wall.  Later in the day we were able pray and touch the wall.  It was an powerful experience, one that touched all of us quite deeply.

western wall entrance to wall

We ended a very busy day visiting Mt. Zion.  At this site there is King David’s Tomb and the Upper Room where tradition holds that the Last Supper was held.  Men and women must enter separately to view and pray at King David’s sarcophagus.

 Last SupperDavid tomb