Day 9: Free Day!

The last day in Jerusalem was a free day.  The pilgrims, now tourists,  had the day to explore, shop or just sleep.  Many of us visited the upscale Mamilla Mall.  A group of 5 traversed the city on the Ramparts Walk.  It starts in the Christian Quarter, at the Jaffa Gate and ends in the Muslim Quarter, at the Lions’ Gate.  It is a different view of the city.  You see the Dome of the Rock in the background.

 rampart walk

rampart walkers

This walk also allowed us to share where the cave that looks like a skull, from Day 8, is located.  It is being preserved in the midst of bustling East Jerusalem.

 the cave

You know you have entered the Muslim Quarter from the spires on the wall.

 muslim qtr

And how could we end without a glimpse at a rampart cat?  The cats we saw on this walk were quite happy and well fed.

    rampart cat