Free Day, Odds and Ends, Bob “Swish” Sharp

View of the Dome of the Rock looking over the rooftops of the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem


Views from the Ramparts: A wall that gives some privacy but lets the breeze through!


Semi-private laundry lines.


An urban schoolyard in the Old City of Jerusalem.


Making the most of a small back porch.


EXCLUSIVE REPORT–Breaking International News!

It started out as a group of five American tourists out to walk the Ramparts atop the wall of the Old City.  In the sun of the late morning the group came upon the basketball court for De La Salle Christian Brothers High School in the corner of the Christian Quarter.  A group of High School boys were shooting baskets when Bob “let me shoot the ball” Sharp felt a sudden divine inspiration.  High atop the wall he called down to the court and asked for the ball.  The boys gawking in disbelief  thinking that it might be the late UCLA coach John Wooden–come back to life–obliged and tossed the ball up to Bob Sharp.  In one smooth motion Sharp took the basketball into his hands, lined up his shot (well behind–and above the 3pt. line) and then let the ball fly.  Seemingly traveling in slow motion–the ball traveled a rainbow arc and as all eyes watched time itself seemed to stand still–until SWISH!  Immediately known as the “Swish heard round the world”  Bob “swish” Sharp is a celebrity of world renown.  One youth eyewitness said “in my old age I will tell my grandkids of the day that a stranger–an ambassador from America–showed us what can be accomplished with just a basketball.”  Bob has already turned down several international basketball offers–and said his greatest desire is to simply return home to the Bay Area and tell the world of his amazing 10 day pilgrimage in the Holy Land.  Yes, Bob will be returning home–but the Holy Land will long remember the American Ambassador of Basketball who let the ball fly–and gave us the swish heard round the world.


Photo of the school sign where Bob Sharp made his amazing shot


Tea served for John Stephenson and Fr. Eric at The American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem.


Garden scene with pomegranates in the foreground at St. George’s College.


Busy street scene in East Jerusalem near the Old City.


Fr. Eric standing on the campus of St. George’s College (located in East Jerusalem) with the gothic tower of St. George’s Anglican Cathedral in the background


An outdoor courtyard at the American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem.


Women at an outdoor market in East Jerusalem.