Coffee Hour Reflection, June 28, 2020

Coffee Hour Reflection, June 28, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I would like to share with you the reflection that we did during our Zoom Coffee Hour following our Sunday service on June 28, 2020.  

I first read from The Letter of James, Chapter 5 verses 13 to 15. Then, I read the poem “Be Vigilant…Not Late” by Greta Zwaan which is a reflection on the Bible passage. 

I hope that you find that these words might speak to your heart and give you some solace.

Peace and love, 
Deacon Lauren

Audio Recording

Listen as Deacon Lauren reads the Bible verses and the poem.

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Bible Reading

The Prayer of Faith
Are any among you suffering? They should pray. Are any cheerful? They should sing songs of praise. Are any among you sick? They should call for the elders of the church and have them pray over them, anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord. The prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise them up; and anyone who has committed sins will be forgiven.

James 5:13-15


Be Vigilant…Not Late

Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2010 

Pray in the time of sorrow; sing in the time of joy,
Give voice to the inner emotions; in trust your faith deploy.
When sickness overtakes you, when days cause endless pain,
It seems life has no meaning, commitments are quite in vain.

How can one think of singing when sorrows pile so deep?
Rejoice amidst the trials when one would rather weep?
Give thanks to God in all things; the happy times, the good,
As well in disappointments, when you’re misunderstood.

God doesn’t say, “FOR all things,” when crisis come your way,
But in the darkened valleys, there’s always room to pray.
God’s patience never falters; his ears hear your request,
Your anxious cry for mercy, when you can find no rest.

He longs to draw you closer, He seeks to draw you near;
But life keeps you so busy, His voice seems not too clear.
Then God allows a valley where you might seek His face,
A time of concentration, renewing of His grace.

God never left His posting, He did not stray away,
It’s you who did the wandering, so busy every day.
The path you’re on is fruitless; your spirit cannot grow,
So God puts up a barrier were you ought not to go.

Hence comes the heavenly message: “Be thankful IN all things,”
Perhaps enduring hardships the bell of danger rings.
Pay heed, the call is vital; God’s calling carries weight,
Accept the challenge quickly, be vigilant, not late.