July 4th Service with San Mateo Mayor

July 4th Service with San Mateo Mayor

Join us for this special service as we celebrate the birth of our nation. The service will include a special speaker, Joe Goethals, San Mateo Mayor. July 4th is a national holiday and one of the major holy days on the Episcopalian church calendar.

Service Video

Service Notes

Officiant: The Rev. Dr Eric Kimball Hinds
Speaker: The Hon. Joe Goethals, Mayor of San Mateo
Organist: Philip Keil
Soloist: Hyun Suk Jang
Altar Guild: Tom Doherty, Carol Kalb, Susan Peterson
Altar Floral Arrangement: Luna Stafford
Videographer: Rowan Duke Watan

Service Bulletin

Click on image below to see or download the service bulletin pdf.