Coffee Hour Reflection, August 2, 2020

Coffee Hour Reflection, August 2, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I would like to share with you the Reflection from our Zoom Coffee Hour on August 2nd, following our Sunday Service.

I first reread from the Old Testament reading from Isaiah, Chapter 55; verses 1 through 5 that we had heard earlier on Sunday.

We also discussed my sermon about the establishment of the $9.6 million Immigrant Relief Fund. And we talked about ways that we could ease some of the suffering of the most vulnerable within our country who are struggling financially right now to feed and house their families. 

We talked about how easy it is to donate to Second Harvest Food Bank through St. Matthew’s website. It was so encouraging to have our conversation so focused on helping those in need at this time of the COVID pandemic.

During the reflection, I will read read a poem entitled, “Gentle us Open” by Ted Loader, which is normally read during the Advent season but I felt the message was meaningful to us at this time at this time as well. 

I hope that this reflection will give you peace and hope at this time.

Peace and love,
Deacon Lauren

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