Coffee Hour Reflection, November 15, 2020

Coffee Hour Reflection, November 15, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On Sunday, November 15th during our Zoom Coffee Hour we further expanded on the notion of trust, which was the main topic of my sermon that I had preached earlier during our service.

We discussed what trust means in our personal relationships and beyond. In addition, we discussed what it’s like to be in a trusting relation with God.

I found a poem entitled “Trust God” by Bob Gotti to further exemplify God’s faithful and trusting presence in our lives.

Peace and love,
Deacon Lauren

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Trust God by Bob Gotti

I don’t know what will be,
or what God has planned for me,
When I face certain needs,
where ahead God’s Spirit leads,
Or what means,
He will raise,
for my needs in coming days,
But as God fills in the blanks,
His Spirit fills me with thanks.

God has led me in times before,
to what was a closed door,
Opening up that door for me,
in ways, which I could not see,
So, I must wait upon The Lord,
for by God, I am not ignored,
For God will move in His time,
in His ways, by God’s design
The Lord’s Ways are not mine,
for all God’s Ways are divine,
Far above what I understand,
as He moves His Mighty Hand,
God moves in ways we cannot,
when we are put on the spot,
To change the focus of our story,
as God receives the Glory.

Planning from His Heavenly Court,
The Lord will not fall short,
As He cares for all His own,
from His Lofty Sovereign Throne,
With the king’s heart in His hand,
for He rules over every land,
God shall take care of all of us,
while we trust in Christ Jesus.

The Lord is not hampered by,
our conclusions of how or why,
We can always trust God’s heart,
to finish all that He will start;
God has purpose in all He wills,
and every purpose He fulfills,
For the Glory of Jesus Christ,
in each and every believer’s life.