Coffee Hour Reflection, November 22, 2020

Coffee Hour Reflection, November 22, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

During our Zoom Coffee Hour, we reflected about Father Eric’s sermon from Sunday. We discussed how we at St. Matthew’s might build up a community based on love. And how we can help those in need in our local community. Second Harvest Food Bank is in dire need of donations:

I also read and we reflected on Psalm 100, which was appointed for the day. We discussed what we are all thankful for this year. And I want to share with you my family prayer that I use each year for Thanksgiving.

Many blessings this day and in the days to come.

Peace and love,
Deacon Lauren

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A Thanksgiving Prayer by Doris Land Muller

We cannot thank you, God, enough

       For all the gifts you give,

For life and breath, for joy and song

       That fill each day we live.

With Gratitude this special day

       Our praise goes up to you

For loved ones whom we cherish

       For all they are and do.

Lord, thank you for companionship

       With those who share this meal;

The ones not gathered here with us,

       Let them Thy blessings feel.

And now, oh heavenly Spirit,

       Descend on us we pray;

Teach us to share the gifts we have

       Today and every day. Amen.