The Vestry of the Episcopal Church of St. Matthew is the body of twelve lay parishioners responsible for the management of the parish. Elected from the congregation, four people are elected to the group each year for a three year term. The executive committee of the Vestry is elected each year by the Vestry to lead itself. The Sr. Warden is selected by the Rector.

Committed to transparency and accountability to the parish, St. Matthew’s Vestry members are visible at Coffee Hour and church events and play a critical role in the life of the parish.

Linda Doherty, Senior Warden
William James, Junior Warden & Finance
Jim Alexander, Secretary
Brian Dykes
Dan Harrigan, Outreach
Caroline McNally
Gabie Noack, Children and Youth
Gregg Rathborne,
Martha Phillips, Day School
Ildiko Segreti
Raymond Schulz, Hospitality
Kitty Van Beckum
The Rev. Eric Hinds, Rector
The Rev. Lindsay Marie Hills, Associate Rector