Angelic Faces: The Hagerty Family

By Darlia Clerico

While relocating to San Mateo, the Hagerty family attended a summer service. They were so warmly greeted at coffee hour, they immediately knew St. Matthew’s would be their church home. The Hagerty family is exceptionally active at church and the Day School. Each one of them is always willing to do more for St. Matthew’s and we are blessed to have them in our church and school community. 

Diane and Jeff stated, “We feel truly blessed to have a deep experience of both our church and school. Collectively, it is such a nurturing, loving, and fun community.” Some of their favorite activities are Blessing of the Animals, Easter Services, the Gala, and the Youth Group Overnight. They love the unending hospitality, cherished friends and many wonderful experiences at St. Matthew’s. 

Diane serves on the Vestry and is a member of St. Catherine’s. She did an outstanding job as the Gala Co-Chair. Diane is always making delicious goodies for our church functions. 

Jeff serves as an Usher. His project management skills came in handy to lead the Joint Church and School Master Planning Committee. One significant project he undertook was the bench work over the bioswale as part of the update to our beautiful Memorial Garden. Jeff also served on the Day School Board of Trustees. 

Lauren and Patrick are Acolytes. They participated in the Confirmation Class of 2017. They help in the church nursery during services and attend Youth Group. Lauren and Patrick are two respectful, well-mannered, wonderful young adults.  

Diane, Jeff, Lauren and Patrick, thank you for all that you do and give of yourselves for the Glory of God. 

Angelic Faces: Stannie Holt

By Darlia Clerico

Stannie moved to San Mateo in 2000 and after visiting several local Episcopal churches, she found her home at St. Matthew’s. Stannie was initially “attracted by the antique charm of the St. Matthew’s church building and the energy and originality of the rector’s preaching.” Immediately after joining, a member of the hospitality committee brought Stannie a delicious pound cake to welcome her. She never forgot the kindness of a stranger who made her feel so very welcome in her new church. 

Stannie has wonderful energy. From helping in the kitchen during coffee hour and countless other church events to stacking chairs, she can be counted on to jump right in with elbow grease to get a job done. She has lent her wide array of talents to St. Matthew’s, including editing the Tau Cross and producing fundraising and marketing pieces. She has served on the Vestry and Deanery as well as the stewardship and hospitality committees. She also served on the interview committee to procure clergy and music director candidates. For three years she gave Janine invaluable assistance as a Sunday School teacher in the Godly Play program. Stannie joined the Bell Choir 12 years ago to contribute her understanding and love of music. She is a member of St. Catherine’s and the book club. 

We thank you, Stannie, for your special, gentle touch of contributing behind the scenes. Your willingness to introduce yourself to new parishioners and make them feel at home is yet another gift you give to our parish. 

Next Book Group, March 27

Educated for the March Book Group

By Susan Peterson

The St. Matthew’s Book Group has selected Educated by Tara Westover for our March meeting. Educated is a memoir of Westover’s early life growing up on a mountain in Idaho in a family of fundamentalist Mormons. This remarkable story conveys the beauty and power of her childhood landscape. It also describes vividly the severity, limitations, and violence that she and her siblings experienced. Westover recalls her confusion and excitement when she entered college (her first experience of attending school) and subsequently travelled to England to study at Cambridge. Educated has earned a place in many 10 Best Books of 2018 lists.

We will meet at the Hinds’ home in Charles House on Wednesday, March 27th at 7:00 pm to discuss Educated. As a bonus, Karen Catlin has agreed to tell us about her book, Better Allies: Everyday Actions to Create Inclusive, Engaging Workplaces.

Parents Fellowship Group, March 24

Our next discussion group meeting will be in the church library from 9:00 am – 10:00 am on Sunday, March 24th, when Father Jay will teach us the ancient practice of praying the Daily Office. Childcare provided. 

If you are not on the mailing list and want to get in on the Fellowship fun, please contact Claire Fry with the form below.