Liturgical Colors

Liturgical Colors

The start of Advent brings a new color to the altar and clergy vestments. Traditionally, liturgical colors are important symbols indicating different holy days and events in the Episcopal calendar. Definitions provided by the Episcopal Church. Below are the colors used at St. Matthew’s for holy days, feast days and ordinary days.

The liturgical colors are also used in the liturgical calendar where each week is represented by the same color used on the altar and clergy vestments. This calendar on the left is often used in Godly Play, the children’s Sunday school program.


For Easter and other ‘feasts’ or festival days, as well as marriages and funerals, symbolizing the color of Jesus’ burial garments.


For Pentecost, the Feast of St. Matthew, and Holy Week, symbolizing the Holy Spirit.


For Advent, representing Mary’s robes.


For Lent, representing fasting, faith, and patience.


Used during the ‘Ordinary Time’ after Pentecost between late spring and summer, symbolizing our growth in Christ, nurtured by the Church and the Gospels.