The bells and tower were given in1964 in memory of William Philip Roth (1880-1963) by his widow. The bells were cast at the famed John Taylor Foundry in England.

It is not a carillon, as is commonly claimed, but a “15-bell chime.” A carillon’s bells swing freely, while these bells are stationary. Bells on either system are sounded by a clapper striking against the metal. These bells are played from a keyboard located at the organ console. Roth was married to Lurline Matson Roth, who donated her estate Filoli to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

In 2019, thanks to the contributions of parishioners and friends of St. Matthew’s to the Preserving Our Legacy Campaign, the bell tower chimes were restored by Meeks and Watson based in Georgetown, Ohio. This was the first full renovation and maintenance service since the tower’s erection more than 50 years ago. Meeks and Watson also installed new strikers and completed necessary electrical upgrades.   

Bell Tower Music