Christian Formation is about lifelong learning about our faith, God and how we live out our faith in our daily life.

Inquirer’s Classes are offered annually on an as needed basis,  for persons of all ages preparing for Baptism, Confirmation or Reception, and cover general content and specific questions of the Christian faith and the Episcopal Church.

Lenten Series:  During the season of Lent we usually have some sort of specialized opportunity for us to grown in our knowledge and love of God.  The format of this varies from year to year, but people find that it is a great way to focus their Lenten journey.

Women’s Spirituality Group meets Monday morning at 9am, at Charle’s House Chapel.  This intentional community seeks to support one another in our walk with God.  This year we are focusing on the timely topic of “Sabbath.”  We will be using MaryAnn McKibben’s book “Sabbath in the Suburbs” and scripture as the foundation for our time together.

For more information please be in contact with a member of the clergy.