Part of the Episcopalian tradition, every year the parish holds an annual meeting to share with parishioners a recap of the prior year and a look at the year ahead. This event is open to all and is well attended by all. In 2021, the annual meeting was held via Zoom on Sunday, January 24th. In 2022 we also held a zoom meeting. We held our Annual meeting for 2023 in person here in our parish Hall on January 22nd. If you are interested in our report for 2022 please contact our office at

2021 Meeting Videos

In this short video of Frances, John, Marie and Crystal Mendoza, they talk about being a part of St. Matthew’s community and the impact of the pandemic on their lives. 

In this short video of Bob and Katie Sharp from the Annual Meeting, they share their love of St. Matthew’s and insights during the pandemic. It was filmed at their home in Foster City on January 21, 2021. Katie has been at St. Matthew’s since 1963, and Bob since 1993.