Join us in creating a community where children and youth find their religious identity, come to know they are unconditionally loved, and share their hopes and commitments for living faithfully.

Each Sunday we will give your children something their other activities can’t – a direct experience of God through prayer and the Bible. We focus on prayer and the Bible in our classes, and we are committed to giving the utmost care and love to our students.

All the students will have Bible-based curriculum specifically designed for their age group. They will also receive a Bible of their own from the church. This, combined with the chance to pray and play together, and offer their services to the parish community, will give them a firm spiritual foundation and character development. We thank the parents for trusting us with their children, and we will do our utmost to protect and nurture them throughout the coming year.

Mission Statement

  • To receive, nurture and treasure each child as a gift from God
  • To proclaim the Gospel to children in ways that empower them to receive and respond to God’s love
  • To love, shelter, protect, nurture and support children and their families 


The Latin root for the word “educate,” means to “draw out, or to uncover.” The ministry of Christian education is as much about drawing out and uncovering the faith within us, as it is about imparting information. We are all spiritual beings – children, youth, and adults – and as such all of us have things to learn and to teach about the spiritual journey. When we listen to one another – recognizing that each of us is a teacher and a learner – we can discover all sorts of ways to be followers of Jesus. We want to give our children and youth a firm religious foundation based on scripture, fellowship and intergenerational learning that draws on the experience of people of all ages. We have a variety of activities to strengthen the worship and educational life of our children and youth, starting from their earliest years in the church.

Children’s Chapel Videos


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Janine Gerzanics
Janine Gerzanics

Christian Formation – Children and Families Ministries
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